About MINEX Central Asia Forum


Established  in 2010 “MINEX Central Asia” is one of the largest and most authoritative international events providing industry-wide discussion platform on mineral exploration and mining in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. For the past seven years, the Forum has been playing a significant role in promoting investment, technological and business partnerships as well as facilitating international dialogue between governments, mining companies, service providers, equipment producers and investors.

Key Facts

  • MINEX Central Asia Forum has 8 years of successful experience in delivering large-scale and content reach mining event covering Central Asian region.
  • The Forum regularly brings together over 300 government regulators, mine operators, prospectors, geologists, investors, experts, financiers and service companies from Central Asia and overseas.
  • Over 80 speakers and panellists from Central Asian countries (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan), Mongolia, Russia and Europe, North America, China and Australia presented at the Forum in 2016.
  • Over 20 companies from Kazakhstan, Russia, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and Germany exhibited at the Trade and Investment Show organised alongside the Forum.
  • 3 content-rich Forum days
  • 10 informative sessions and debates
  • In-depth practical workshops delivered by top experts
  • Excellent opportunities for networking and contacts development


MINEX Central Asia 2017 Forum will enable participants with the opportunities  

• to discuss changes in mining regulation in the countries of Central Asia
• to present investment projects and industrial developments
• to organise meetings with potential investors and partners
• to examine alternative funding options for developing projects
• to facilitate cross border trade and investment discussions
• to improve practical knowledge of local mining managers and specialists
• to introduce innovative technologies and solutions in exploration, mining and processing
• to benchmark the region’s subsoil use practices with the international standards
• to share experiences in improving operational processes throughout the entire production cycle of a mining business from exploration to reclamation

… and much more.

MINEX Central Asia Forum agenda 2017 will address the following main areas:

• Managing projects in evolving regulatory environment

• Adapting new technologies (from exploration and mining to processing and mine site reclamation)

• Exploration and mineral resource development

• Funding mining and exploration projects