Participation in the Forum as a sponsor offers companies exclusive features and visibility.

Sponsorship status emphasises the company’s high professional standing and dedication to the Central Asian mining industry.

Sponsorship status is a distinguished sign of the company’s leadership aspirations.

Main sponsorship packages (Lead, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze) are tailored for companies keen on projecting their leading or proactive role in the mining sector.

Program sponsorship offers companies opportunities to share their advanced knowledge and expertise with the Forum’s professional audiences.

MineTech and MineVenture competition sponsorship is designed around a win-win formula. The mining companies will get a wide spectrum of turnkey solutions from local and international providers. The vendors will have a chance to demonstrate the application of their products and technologies for resolving specific cases. 

Networking events sponsorship empowers companies with exclusive brand visibility and promotional opportunities at the Forum’s networking events (coffee breaks, cocktail receptions, lunches, dinners, site visits, etc.)

Co-branding sponsorship options offer companies promotional and marketing opportunities. In addition to the Forum sponsorship, companies can sponsor trade delegations, student program, competitions, associated events and site visits.