Speaker presentation terms

Are you considering participation in the Forum and interested in becoming a speaker? Find opportunities, application forms and deadlines below.

Speaker participation terms


All presenters must pre-register for the Forum and pay the registration fee unless exceptions were pre-agreed with the Organisers. Should you wish to present at the Forum, please complete before 31 March  

Speaker application with Delegate or Exhibitor registration forms.

Participation costs for presenters:

Participation in the Master Class (18 April) with presentation –  Cost: 300 USD

Participation in the Forum (19 – 20 April) with presentation at the Plenary or Technical session –  Cost: 750 USD

Participation in the Forum (19 – 20 April) (up to 20 minute) with presentation  at the MineTech competition session –  Cost: 750 USD

Participation in the Gala Dinner (20 April) –  Cost: 120 USD

NB: Speakers presenting on behalf of sponsor or exhibitor will be provided with a complimentary admission in accordance with the sponsorship and exhibitor terms.


Speaker application cut-off date

In order to market your presentation appearance at this event via the event website and advertising please complete speaker application form before 31 March.

Once your application has been accepted please remember to submit the following materials:

Admission form

Submit admission form and arrange payment of the Forum fee prior to the event (applicable to independent speakers who did not register as Sponsors or Exhibitors)

Presentation materials for Delegate bags

Speaker’s slides in PPT or PDF format and/or Handout notes in PDF format to be included in the delegate handout discs must be submitted before 06 April to admin@minexforum.com

If the file size exceeds 10 MB, please upload it on free ftp server: http://wikisend.com or https://www.dropbox.com and email the link to the file to admin@minexforum.com

Presentation materials for onscreen presentation 

Slides to be projected on screen during the presentation must be submitted to admin@minexforum.com before 12 April 


Speaker application

Frequent questions and answers

Question: Why do the speakers have to pay admission fee?

Answer: The Forum is a commercial and very costly event. The costs are subsidised by the payments from the Forum participants, exhibitors and sponsors. By choosing to participate in the Forum with presentation participants will receive additional benefits.

Question: What are the benefits of presenting at the Forum?

Answer: Speakers and panellists are empowered with many opportunities for raising their profile and disseminating information about their projects, ideas, experiences or products to the Forum’s audience.  All presenters will have a dedicated profile page with the interactive form created on the Forum website. Other Forum participants will be able to reach speakers before or after the Forum via the form.  Speakers’ profiles will also be published in the Forum catalogue. Presentation slides will be included in the material CD packs distributed to all delegates. Majority of the presentations are recorded on video and posted after the Forum on MINEX Forum YouTube channel. To extend further exposure to MINEX Forum’s subscribers, the Forum speakers will also be able to add their profile and publish materials on MINEX Eurasia Mining information portal – www.minexforum.com. Current circulation of MINEXForum.com exceeds 50,000.

Question: In what particular cases speaker’s admission fee can be waved or reduced?

Answers:  Speakers who represent exhibitors and sponsors are provided with the admission pass to the Forum event as part of the exhibitor or sponsorship package. Up to 50% discount can be offered to speakers presenting on behalf of an Academic institution or NGO. Free admission can also be offered to eligible investors and official representatives of the Government departments, Ministries and Embassies.

Question: In what language should I present?

Answer: All sessions of the Forum will be provided with the simultaneous Russian and English translation.

Question: Can I present in English and have slides in Russian or vice versa?

Answer: Yes, you can. Please note that we do not have facilities for organising simultaneous presentation of slides in two languages.

Question: What presentation equipment will be provided?

Answer: The meeting rooms will be equipped with the lectern, clicker to change slides, push to talk microphones  for speakers, handheld microphones for Q@As, projector screen, headphones and simultaneous translation transmitters. All presentations submitted by speakers prior to the Forum will be pre-loaded on our computers and ready for on-screen projection.

Question: Are there special rates for accommodation?

Answer: Special discounted rates are offered to the Forum delegates at Radisson Astana and Park Inn Astana hotels.