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    1. Unless specifically agreed with the organisers, no more than three journalist passes can be issued to one Media company for the Forum.
    2. By requesting complimentary accreditation for the Forum, the journalist / media company agrees to submit to the organisers a complimentary copy of the articles and other media publications written / produced at or after the Forum for their reproduction in the post forum report. All references and copyrights will be observed.
    3. All articles and media publications written/produced at or after the Forum must be submitted to the organisers within 30 calendar days after the Forum.
    4. Unless specifically agreed with the organisers, journalist wishing to attend Gala Dinner will be required to buy Gala Dinner ticket.
    5.Journalist accreditation pass will provide free of charge access to all Forum sessions, use of simultaneous translation (Russian and English) and post event materials e.g. presentation slides, photos, videos and reports.
    6.In the event of cancellation journalist must provide written notice to . Substitutions are welcome at any time.
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